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2 days ago

In this podcast, Noel goes into a discussion of the ‘fight or flight’ part of the brain……what it is, how we have used it in the past, how it can get us into trouble both in our personal lives and in our investing, and how we can modify our behavior for better results. 

5 days ago

With the increasing cost of college and the decreasing cost of the quality of education, the percentage of college attendees has been falling over recent years

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

How human emotions can hinder investing for the long term

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

The years leading up to retirement are about accumulating and saving assets. As the day nears, most discussions about retirement planning still focus on income, making sure your assets can fund the retirement you envision.  Once you’re retired, the conversation shifts. The focus moves to spending and cash flow – and how to make your assets last a lifetime.

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Phased Retirement is the process of retiring gradually, in stages, rather than all at once.  For many people, Phased Retirement makes a lot of sense, because it allows you to reduce your workload so you can pursue other interests, test the retirement waters to see whether or not you will enjoy life without a job, and ease the transition from full-time work and a full paycheck to full retirement and no paycheck. 

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

Not all financial advisors are created equal so it is important to make sure your goals and your financial advisors goals line up.  This podcast discusses 14 questions to ask any advisor that will help to assure you exactly what you’re getting in exchange for what you’re paying for, as well as ensuring that both yours and your Financial Advisor’s goals are in line.

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

Statistically people aren’t saving enough for retirement.  A huge amount of people have some savings, but they don’t even know if they have enough.   This podcast discusses one of the most basic fundamental retirement planning topics, a Written Retirement Plan.  It details the…..5 Steps to a Written Retirement Plan.

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

If you're like most Americans, Social Security benefits will make up a big chunk of the income you have to live off during retirement.  Unfortunately, far too many retirees simply claim Social Security ASAP without fully understanding the implications of this choice. Before you decide when to claim your benefits, you need to secure the answers to these 5 questions so you can make a strategic choice that gives you the best chance of getting the retirement income you need. 


Noel Swain, CFP

Noel Swain is the founder of ProVest Wealth Advisors, Inc.  Since 1984, Noel has been fulfilling his mission to work with the great people of the Upstate to help give them the confidence in the future they need to plan for their “great goals of life.”  His work involves formulating the strategies and finding the right financial products to help his clients achieve those great goals, and helping them understand the overall markets and their own portfolio.  This way they can build the trust they need to have to carry through with their plan, even when the market or economy may not be cooperating.

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